The Road Club was formed in 1998 to bring together like-minded individuals with similar interests in the history and traditions of Coaching and Carriage Driving with horses on what may loosely be termed “The Road” with its purpose “to create and provide a forum for convivial enjoyment of coaching activities, histories, traditions and conventions and their perpetuation into the 21st Century”.

Today the Road Club arrived at Hartree on a bright and beautiful summers afternoon, breaking on their journey through the Borders to enjoy champagne and cakes in the grounds of the estate.

The Road Club Drive extends to approximately 8 miles on the roads in and around Biggar where the countryside is quite beautiful around this Borders Country market town. The drive includes Horse Drawn Coaches, Brakes, Wagonettes and Dog Carts, all traditionally built vehicles driven by Pairs or Multiples and turned out in their Sunday Best.

Taking part in the Summer Drive this year were 5 Teams of four horses, 2 Pairs of horses, 1 Unicorn of three Shetland ponies and 1 Tandem of Welsh ponies. They represent a wonderful spectacle which transports you back for a brief moment to the Golden Age of Coaching in the 1890’s before the motor car was invented and gives you an insight to the pace of life at that time which was much more relaxed than that of today – travelling, on average, at 9 miles a hour.

What a lovely way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon in the countryside!