Well, it has taken us a while (over 2 years actually!) but we now have full planning permission to hold weddings at Hartree. After our recent appeal to the Scottish Government the 2 year trial period has now been lifted and our permission is now permanent. We can take bookings and enquiries for weddings far into the future, and Hartree’s reputation as a prestigious and historic venue is at last assured.

For all those involved it has been a long and at times bumpy road to reach this stage, but we are almost there now. Hartree no longer looks like a building site. Its full glory has now been restored and added to, and the first wedding (making use of our glorious tipis) was held just 2 weeks ago. It was a fantastic success and the bride and groom, plus their families and friends, have commented that the location, the facilities, and the event itself greatly exceeded their expectations. Amy, our dedicated manager and weddings expert, and Emma, our Estates Director, and their team are busy with more weddings this year and taking bookings and enquiries for next year and beyond. It is so nice to see Hartree buzzing with excitement.

Stephanie and I are so grateful to everybody who has helped us in our quest to ensure that Hartree’s beauty can be shared with others. Scottish Borders Planning Department supported our weddings application and has helped us with our numerous buildings applications to bring Hartree back to its former glory, the Scottish Government supported our quest to lift the two year trial period and therefore opening up the opportunities to plan into the future, our loyal employees and expert contractors have stood by us and worked so hard to make Hartree into such a stunning venue, and the folks of Biggar and the surrounding areas have given us their overwhelming support and encouragement.

The journey has been challenging, but thanks to you all we can now look forward to a long and exciting future for Hartree as a weddings venue, as well as a treasured home for me and Stephanie and for all our family to visit.